Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum joined me on WJON today.  He indicated that the newly built public safety facility that is set to house the Sartell police and Fire departments will open August 17.  He says the two departments will move in on that date.  He said instead of having an open house for the public to view the facility they will make the new facility visible to Sartell residents with a virtual tour due to Covid-19.  The tour will be hosted by the Sartell Police and Fire Chiefs.  Ryan says the project is under budget but will open later than expected due to delays due to Covid-19.


The City of Sartell is set to receive $1.4 Million in CARES Act dollars from the federal government.  Fitzthum says the money will go toward Covid-19 related issues in the city.

Sartell is planning a zoning ordinance open house for builders, developers and real estate agents August 12.  Fitzthum says the ordinance prohibited the building of multi-family housing expires August 31 and he is fine with it expiring.

Fitzthum also address a new fat tire bike course near Sam's Club and Walmart and the trail extension on Pinecone Road.

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