SARTELL -- Work has generally moved inside on the new Sartell High School, as the building is now enclosed, with construction at the 66 percent mark.

Several parts of the school have gotten to the point where they're going to start painting soon or putting on the finishing touches already. John Waletzko, Site Manager for the building says the new school's auditorium is starting to take its final shape.

"The wires will support clouds which help with acoustics. As we finish our electrical piping the next big step we see in here will be the painting of the ceiling, then we'll see those clouds go up."

On the other side of the building, they should start putting the finishing touches on the pool -- except filling it with water -- within the next few weeks.

"The decks are poured, then this area is in wait until we hang some of the acoustical clouds and start painting."

The school is still on track to be opened in the fall of 2019. Once that happens, the current high school will become a middle school, and the middle school will be shifted to an intermediate school.

The new high school will be 290,000 square feet.

Check back in two weeks when we'll tour the new Tech High School being built by District 742 on the south side of St. Cloud.

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