COLLEGEVILLE -- A familiar face is leading the St. John's Boys Choir.

Aaron Carpenter was recently named the new Artistic Director. Carpenter is a 1997 graduate of St. John's and served as the Training Choir Director during his time as a student.

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He says he's excited to return to the campus and build on the outstanding reputation of the choir.

Nothing but the best has ever come out of the St. John's Boys Choir. It's kind of a position of prestige in a way, it's an organization with a great reputation around the world and we intend to keep that moving forward.

Carpenter says they are a few weeks into rehearsals and are preparing for their first concert of the season next month.

He says it's a balancing act to incorporate his vision, while upholding the choirs longstanding traditions.

Whether it's how I like to rehearse or my programming of music for concerts, that's something a director will bring with them. However, at the same time I'm really working to honor the traditions of The St. John's Boys Choir and all the pieces that have been put in place over the years and build on that.

Carpenter says this year they have about 60 boys in the choir, which is down because of the pandemic.

He says they are also encouraging any boys in 3rd through 5th grade who is interested in joining the choir, to come to auditions in January.

The St. John's Boys Choir began in 1981 and is made up of boys ages 8-15 from all over central Minnesota.


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