They're already hatching. And it's possible they've been lying in wait for you for as long as seven years. The dreaded Minnesota Mosquito. Today on the show, our special guests were Cindee Anderson and Ryan Fischer from The Mosquito Squad. A new company that specializes in residential mosquito and tick elimination.

Both Cindee and Ryan have personal horror stories about mosquitoes and ticks. Ryan's yard was so infested he couldn't even go out side for more than 2 minutes without getting attacked. Cindy was a victim of Lyme Disease. Both called Mosquito Squad and were so happy with the results, they became a franchise owner for Central Minnesota.

In the podcast below, you'll hear them relate their terrifying and in Cindee's case; life-threatening stories. We also reveal some truly shocking info on the monstrous little beasts. To contact them just visit their website or call them at (320) 229 - 2847