You can add Michael Smerconish to the long list of phenomenal performers that have graced the stage at the historic Paramount Theater.

The evening began with an intimate gathering in Studio C, where it was obvious in an instant who folks had come to see.  The fare was AWESOME, thank you Food Ecstasy!

Michael's theme of the need for more civility in our world had everyone thinking, laughing, and listening intently.  His stories about his early career, how he got to be where he is today, and his observations along the way reinforced his popularity in Central Minnesota.

Not to mention his daughter's letters from camp!

Two things were abundantly clear:  Michael Smerconish is a regular, down to earth guy who is doing what he can to spread the message of the need for more civilized conduct on the part of our Federal Government, what we as broadcasters bring to the air on a daily basis, and what we as a society need to instill in the next generations of Americans.

The other was that, if you weren't there last night, you missed a GREAT experience.

Hear more from Michael Smerconish every weekday from 11 AM to 1 PM on AM 1240, WJON.

THANK YOU for coming last night!