Let us gather 'round those Golden Arches and praise the great McD's for this blessing, for They've answered our prayers of fast (barely)food finally being (barely) affordable! /s

Guess what? It's Choad Rage!

Fast Food Places Are Introducing $5 Meal Deals Like They Were Never That Cheap Before

McDonald's - like they often do - are catching up to joining Burger King in (*cough RE-)introducing cheap meals after consumers finally decided to start cooking at home...because it was (barely) cheaper to do so.

With greedflation gradually subsiding as more consumers realize they're being price gouged to death, corporations like Target and Walmart are finally lowering prices. Fast food companies - who are now pricing their fast food closer to casual dining prices - are realizing that they can't keep gouging their target demographic (uh, The Poors).

Who could've seen this coming? Definitely not a psychic medium, because anyone who claims to be one of those is an absolute fraud.

And if you blame all of this on one politician/party, you're an idiot. Congrats! #blessed

H/T: Kare 11

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