ST. CLOUD - A bill permitting Minnesota cities to post cameras at intersections to catch red-light runners has been set aside just as a House committee appeared ready to defeat it.

St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis and Police Chief Blair Anderson testified to the committee in favor of the cameras.  Kleis says it would help with public safety.

Kleis says they wouldn't put a camera at every intersection, just the ones that are the most problematic.

The red-light cameras were used in Minneapolis for a couple of years before the state Supreme Court struck down the city's ordinance in 2007. The court said the city couldn't always prove who was at the wheel when it mailed out tickets. Kleis says a change in state law is needed for cities use the cameras.

Kleis says, while cameras aren't allowed at intersections in Minnesota, they are common in other states.

Kleis says, if the state would adopt the change, the city council would first hold a public debate before changing any city ordinances regarding cameras at stop lights.