UNDATED (WJON News) -- With the Oscars approaching on March 10th, Marcus Theatres is offering several opportunities for you to see many of the Oscar-nominated movies. The theatre chain, which includes Parkwood Cinema in Waite Park, is offering three ways for viewers to catch Oscar movies, at participating locations.

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The Best Picture Showcase will let you see all nine Best Picture nominated films, plus the nominated animated and live-action shorts from February 23rd through March 10th. The Best Picture Passport gives people two ways to watch nominated movies on their schedule by being able to pick the theatre, date, and showtime versus buying individual tickets for each movie, plus passport holders will receive a 20% discount on food and beverage purchases.

Moviegoers can pick either the full passport or the pick 4 option. Finally, filmgoers who want to veg out and spend two full days watching all the nominated best pictures can take part in the Best Picture Festival Marathon on March 2nd and March 9th by catching five movies each day.



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