ST. CLOUD -- Winter is fast approaching and now is a good time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the ice and snow.

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Jerel Saxon is with St. Cloud Quick Lube and Detail Center. He say one thing he tells customers is to check their coolant.

Make sure your antifreeze is strong enough to make it through our Minnesota winters. Especially if you bought a car from out of state, because they have different coolant. Double check that and make sure because it can freeze solid and ruin your engine.

Saxon says other car winterization tips include checking the tread on your tires, testing your battery, making sure your heating and defrost system works.

He even suggests making sure your air conditioning is operational.

That sounds weird thinking cold weather and air conditioning. But actually what happens when you turn your defrost on, the air conditioning engages. It takes the moisture out of the air so you can clean your windshield.

Saxon says it's important to keep up on regular maintenance for your vehicle to make sure it remains in working order no matter the weather.


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