Alright car enthusiasts, keep your tongue in your mouth. There is a sweet barn find that just hit eBay recently, and the 1964 Pontiac is being sold out of St. Paul. This car currently has just 1 bid, and it's looking like it might be a steal of a deal.

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The vehicle that is for sale, is listed as a 1964 Pontiac LeMans GTO Convertible, and the seller Tim54575 states that the car was found sitting in a barn, where it had been for the last 40 years. 

Image Credit: eBay user Tim54575
Image Credit: eBay user Tim54575

According to the eBay listing, which you can find here, the car is listed as being between OK and poor condition due to being stored inside for over 40 years with all the heat and cold Minnesota can experience.

It is a 1964 model which came with four horizontal headlights, in pairs. This car received a swap for a 1965 front clip, changed to pairs of vertically stacked headlights, likely sometime in the 1970s. The car’s last Minnesota tabs are dated 1976. It was hidden inside since about 1983 in the city of St. Paul, on the south side of the river.

Unknown is whether the engine and/or transmission are original. The engine does not run. There are both “three pedals” and an auto shifter installed. The existing transmission is an auto. The original motor would have been a 389ci V8 with a 10.75 to 1 compression. The installed V8 does not have a Tri-power set-up. The car does have electric windows. The car does roll, leans a little low on the right side, and the engine is likely stuck.

The overall condition of the car is poor after nearly 40 years of both cold and hot inside storage on a concrete floor without moving. There is little or no rodent damage but the interior is showing mold, the body and frame some rust, and the whole car is very dirty.

Apart from what might be the original owner’s manual, there is no paperwork – meaning that nothing is known about the car - apart from a clean, transferable title.

While it seems the car will need some work, for those that are passionate about these old Pontiacs or for that matter a car that is old enough to work on without needing a Ph.D. in computer programming, these machines are almost time capsules, and showcase the ingenuity and pride of the American Spirit, which still exists today.

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