For some reason I felt the need to go through my car yesterday. The backseat area's starting to get a little crowded. I found a lot of plastic bags, a can coozie, and a brake rotor I was supposed to return last summer.

So if anyone needs a brand-new still-in-the-box rear brake rotor for an early 2010s GM sedan, let me know.

Ive been told I have a hard time with this Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash)
I've been told I have a hard time with this (Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash)

So it got me to thinking...not very hard, but...

Listener Responses That Make Sense

Jason was practical: "Icebreakers breath mints- you never know when you’ll need to be fresh!"

So was Andy, for a different part of the anatomy: "Ass wipe."

Jesseca knows that you never know when you'll need something to read: "A book"

Jennie is acutely aware of the season: "A blanket"

Tana is prepared for shopping: "Cloth grocery bags"

Dah Beer Drinkahh chimed in via The Loon Mobile App: "Chunks of railroad tracks. IDK maybe car related, they are extra weight for better traction"

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Listener Responses That Kinda Make Sense, I Guess

Mark is prepared for the links, no matter the season: "Golf clubs…never leave home without them."

Barb is in the holiday spirit, on-the-go: "Christmas lights and snowflake lights"

Cole can dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge: "Dodge ball"

Jeffrey must have some muscle aches. Or at least SOME kind of ache: "Vibrator"

And Then There's Julie

Julie has one think I can totally relate to right now: "items to return to stores (they get to be months old because having them in my car STILL doesn’t remind me to bring them in)"

...and a bunch of others that I totally CAN'T relate to: "50+ decks of cards (in case someone wants to play Nertz, if u know what that is)"

Yeah, but...over FIFTY?!

What's something in your car that isn't car-related?

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