You may have seen those images of old St. Cloud landmarks, street corners and businesses popping up in your Facebook newsfeed a lot lately. That's because a new locally created and managed Facebook page has gained an amazing amount of 'LIKES' in a short period of time and the photos are being shared by the quickly expanding number fans of the page.

Photo page of St. Cloud Remembered

'St. Cloud Remembered' has gained over 3600 'Likes' in less than a month, something usually reserved for big corporate brands. The Facebook page was created by local lawyer, John Lund in about 15 minutes and has caught on like wildfire. Part of the draw is the amazing store of photographs John adds to the page. Three or four times a day, he and his other admins drop photos culled from locals, SCSU Archives and Facebook fans of the page. They range from vintage photos of the Sauk Rapids tornado to Christmas parades on Germain from the 50's to a late 70's image of the New Munich Ballroom that prompted over 1700 'Likes' on the picture and 372 'Shares'.

John was our guest today (Mar 1) on The Pete & Doug Show, and he told us about why he decided to start the page, where he gets the amazing photos and, of course, we reminisced about Central Minnesota history a bit. John says you're more than welcome to submit photos to the page and that they are looking for 80's photos in particular.

John Lund talks about his Facebook page 'St. Cloud Remembered' on The Pete & Doug Show