If anyone is familiar with the Food Network, or has watched any of the holiday baking shows or watched The Chew when that was still on, you are probably familiar with celebrity chef Carla Hall.  And she is heading up this competition to find America's favorite chef.

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Who will be the next favorite chef?  That is the question that you will find when you head to the voting website.  While you are there, you will also see another familiar face if you have been to Central Minnesota's favorite Italian Restaurant!  I'm talking about Chef and owner of Bello Cucina Italian Steakhouse, Jason Mueller.

Mueller is one of the competitors for the honor which brings with it, obviously the honor of being the favorite chef, but also $25,000, a cover feature in Taste of Home magazine, and support for the James Beard Foundation.

There are two titles that are up for grabs.  One is the People's Choice for Favorite Chef, and also Carla's Pick.  The first one is what we have been outlining above.  And the second one is where competitors will have the opportunity to showcase one plated dish of their choosing to be recognized by Food Network star, Carla Hall.

If you would like to vote for our local chef Jason Mueller, you can do that starting on Monday, May 20th.  Just follow this link for voting info. 

Good luck Jason!

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