ST. CLOUD -- The Jacob Wetterling case shook every family in the St. Cloud area.

At an event hosted by the St. Cloud School District last night, the keynote speaker was from the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.

Alison Feigh is the Center's Program Manager. She says, one of the Center's biggest focuses since Jacob's body was found is their "11 for Jacob" campaign.

"Eleven for Jacob is a movement we started at the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center to move the attention to from how Jacob died into how Jacob lived. We don't want the offender to get the last word, he doesn't get to write the last chapter of Jacob's story, we get to write the last chapter of Jacob's story."

The program features eleven values that the center thought best showed who Jacob was as a young man before his death, they are:

  1. Be Fair
  2. Be Kind
  3. Be Understanding
  4. Be Honest
  5. Be Thankful
  6. Be a Good Sport
  7. Be a Good Friend
  8. Be Joyful
  9. Be Generous
  10. Be Gentle with others
  11. Be Positive

Feigh added, it's very important to make sure kids and teens are active voices in any safety programs which target them.

"We want to make sure we have kid's voices throughout all of it, so that it's kid and teen tested."

One of the other projects the Center is working on is making sure professionals that work with children know how to properly communicate with and listen to children.

Feigh was one of three speakers at the event Thursday night at North Junior High School.

The other two, Jordyn a Paramedic and Field Training Officer with Gold Cross Ambulance, and Officer Sara Gangle with the St. Cloud Police spoke about physical and cyber safety.

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