ST. CLOUD -- With Halloween right around the corner, it's time for people to decide on their costumes - and Invincible Costume in downtown St. Cloud is there to help.

Invincible Costume has been helping everyone from trick-or-treaters to stage actors with their costumes for over four decades.

Michael Anderson of Invincible Costume says costumes are not "made", they're built.

"We work with leather, plastics, metal - whatever we need to do," Anderson says.

Anderson says that the store has over 8,000 costumes ranging from the traditional to the extreme on its premises.

With so many options for Halloween costumes, Anderson says the classics are always the best sellers.

"The most popular all the way around is zombies," Anderson says.

"The most popular group idea is the same it's been for the last 20 years - The Wizard of Oz."

Anderson says that one timely costume that's very popular this year cannot be found at Invincible Costume.

"Haz-mat suits are sold out over the entire United States," Anderson says.


Photo by Isaac Schweer
Photo by Isaac Schweer

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