HUTCHINSON -- Hutchinson Police are alerting residents to be aware of the information they received regarding a telephone scam involving an alleged abduction.

Authorities say a parent in the community reported he received a call from a female crying and distraught. The female identified herself as his daughter, saying she was abducted and tied up in the trunk of a car. A male then took over the phone call stating he had grabbed the man’s daughter in front of Wal-Mart and if he wanted his daughter back he would have to go to a Western Union to come up with a ransom.

The incident was reported to police immediately as it was unfolding.

Police say they take any call like this very seriously but became suspicious that it could be a scam when the caller was demanding payment from Western Union.

The female who was allegedly abducted was safe at school during the entire incident.

A trace of the original phone call came back to a number from Mexico.

Police remind residents to immediately report any calls claiming a loved one is in danger and demanding money for their safe return.

This story is courtesy of KDUZ in Hutchinson.