WAITE PARK -- A new shelter for women who have been trafficked for sex is opening in Waite Park. Terebinth Refuge Director CeCe Terloux says it is the first of its kind in the state.

They are using a vacant city-owned house at an undisclosed location for now.

Our plan is to expand.  This is an amazing startup for us partnering with Waite Park to allow us to use this house is amazing. But our plan is to soon have a property where we'll be able to serve about 16.

The house has six bedrooms, and they can house up to 10 people including children. Meanwhile, they're looking for a more permanent location so they can expand the shelter.

Terlouw says they'll partner with other professional organizations to find women for the shelter.

These referrals come through law enforcement and through folks like the Sexual Assault Center, and as we hear of the need we'll bring them in.  I recognize that with shelter it may take several times, they'll come and go.

The Terebinth Refuge is opening on April 2nd. Women are expected to stay at the shelter an average of 30 to 90 days, but they can stay however long it takes to help them transition.

Besides being an emergency shelter for women who want to get out of the sex trafficking industry, they'll have a therapist, offer group sessions, and they'll help the women find jobs or enroll in school.

Terebinth Refuge is looking for the community's help with volunteers and monetary donations.

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