SARTELL -- The home of the next generation of stars on the Sartell stage is starting to take shape, as crews are hard at work on the new high school's auditorium.

The new venue will seat 800 adoring fans for the kids on stage. Site Manager John Waletzko says right now, they're working on hanging acoustical clouds and lighting infrastructure.

"There are three tiers of these clouds, and that's what the wires are for. They'll all be at different pitches."

After that, they'll move the lifts they're currently using out, so they can start to pour concrete for the floor.

"There's a two-floor process that makes up this lower bowl and as soon as we can pull out the lifts we can start that."

The new auditorium should have a relatively seamless look from stage to balcony when it's finished.

The school is still on track to be opened in the fall of 2019. Once that happens, the current high school will become a middle school, and the middle school will be shifted to an intermediate school.

Check back in two weeks when we'll tour the new Tech High School being built by District 742 on the south side of St. Cloud.

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