I hate chores. Especially in summer. It's so nice out and we earn this weather, so don't spend it running errands. Here are a few ways to speed through your chores.


Make yourself a checklist. Do you have different things you need to get done for every day of the week? Do you have household staples you buy every two weeks? Save yourself some time and make out a list on your computer and group it by areas of the house so when you're standing at the store you don't have to waste time thinking about whether you need it or not. Also, if you're a coupon shopper, write your list on the back of an envelope and stick your coupons inside.

Think Like a Carpenter

Does your husband have a tool belt he uses for do it yourself projects? Stick cleaning rags and supplies in your tool belt and have everything within reach. It's also handy to keep your phone in your tool belt so you can keep your music within easy reach.

Pack Smart

Do your kids have favorite lunch box snacks? Pack them ahead of time. Sunday night as you're getting ready for the week, line up the snack bags or Tupperware containers with their favorite snacks to speed things up in the morning when you're packing the kids' stuff before you send them off to summer school or activities day camp.

Vacuuming Sucks

I love my vacuum because it's super good, but I don't like vacuuming because it can take a long time, but it doesn't have to. Before you vacuum, sprinkle carpet refreshing powder on your carpet, that way when you're vacuuming, you can see where you've vacuumed and you don't waste time going over where you've already cleaned.

How Do You Speed Through Chores?