A snowy December has bled into a snowy January. An average winter in St. Cloud for snowfall is 42.5 inches and St. Cloud is already has 41.5 inches.  Tracy Hodel is the Public Service Director for the City of St. Cloud.  She explains the 14+ inches of snow the city received in the 3-day snow event last week was the heaviest snow event in this community in 20 years.  Last week's snow event coupled with 2 significant snow events in December has led to long hours for snow plow operators.

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Hodel indicates plow drivers have put in long hours which included 14 to 15 hour days for some drivers which has led to lots of overtime hours.  She explains this was not planned for and Hodel says there is no way to plan for this type of event since they budgeted for a typical winter in St. Cloud.  Because we are early in the year Hodel says that gives them some time to figure out how to handle the extra cost accrued from these snow events.  She says this could mean they will have less funding to do other things this summer.  Hodel indicates it is possible they could go to the city council to request additional funding for snow removal.

When snow events happen Hodel says they have some roads that take priority over others.  The top priorities include the highest traffic count roads which includes collector roads, arterial roads and all roads that emergency vehicles need to use.  She explains last week when the snow was coming down so quickly in large amounts they had to go over those roads numerous times.  Hodel says residential streets come after the roads already mentioned.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tracy Hodel it is available below.



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