HOLDINGFORD -- A Holdingford metal recycling business is in process of expanding its facility.

The city council recently approved a rezoning request for Opatz Metals and Rolloffs. The company first pitched the idea of expanding to the city last July after a house on a property just south of the facility was put up for sale. The property was originally zoned as residential and Mayor Susan Marstein says the city had a lot to consider before rezoning it to industrial.

"There were wetlands that had to be considered, there was also a floodplain that had to be taken into consideration. We had as storm drain that ran around the property also."

City wells are also close to the property and the concern over the safety of the town's drinking water was discussed. Marstein says after going through many organizations, the city was able to approve the rezoning.

"Once we got information the wetlands and the flood plains, the DNR we had quite a few organizations we had to check with just to be sure we were watching all of the things that needed to be looked at."

The expansion is expected to create only a few new jobs. But, Marstein says it will bring more people to Holdingford.

"One of the things that does happen is, someone will come in with their scrap [metal] and they will spend time in town, possibly going to the bank, going to the gas station, going to the hardware store."

The city is going to continue to work with the company as they plan their expansion.

Yellow section, rezoned area. (Photo, Susan Marstein)
Yellow section, rezoned area. (Photo, Susan Marstein)

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