ST. CLOUD -- Recent snowfall and stronger rays from the sun are making for a bad ice dam season.

Ice dams form when the warm roof melts the snow and causes the water to run to the end of the roof and re-freeze. The ice dams then can cause water to back up inside your roof and walls and cause extensive damage.

Shane Zablocki owns Zablocki Roofing, St. Cloud. He says you should be checking your roof line now for ice dams.

Photo courtesy of Zablocki Roofing, Inc.

The first thing you should do is get as much snow off the roof as you can, then you can use salt socks to try to melt off the ice or call a professional like Zablocki Roofing to steam them off.

Rates for ice dam removal vary depending on the job, but it can cost between $300-$500. However, Zablocki says while no one wants to pay for ice dam removal, it can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Preventive measures to prevent ice dams next season include, getting yourself a roof rake, installing heat tape on the edge of your roof or talking with an insulation and ventilation professional to assess your home.