It's been a busy week for snow plow operators and the St. Cloud Public Works department.  St. Cloud Public Services Director Tracy Hodel and St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis joined me on WJON.  Hodel says snow plow operators were out Tuesday-Thursday working long hours clearing roads of snow and will continue working today and Saturday going over city streets plowing them curb to curb.  She says city crews will also move excess snow from downtown to designated areas throughout the city including at the Central Services Building on 16th Avenue, a location near Highway 15 and Veterans Drive, and another location off 33rd Street.

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The weekend forecast includes a possibility of freezing rain from Sunday night into Monday morning.  Hodel says crews will be out pre-treating the roads to help make travel better.  She acknowledges that pot holes are a problem already and they've already starting working on this problem.  With another thaw expected early next week Hodel says crews will be out filling these holes with a winter mix.  She indicates these fixes are temporary and will need to be readdressed in the spring.  Hodel says the troubled potholes on Highway 10 is something both the city and MN-Dot are familiar with.  She says a large construction project focusing on Highway 10 and Highway 23 will address these concerns with a complete reconstruct of a large section of Highway 10 and a portion of Highway 23 starting in April.

The city of St. Cloud wants residents to be aware of construction and snow plow work as these things are happening.  Hodel says they have launched a blog on the city's website to follow where snow plows are and will be during snow events and what construction projects are coming up.  A link to that is here.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Tracy Hodel and Dave Kleis it is available below.




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