St. Cloud State is asking the city of St. Cloud to rezone the property known as Selke Field.  Full story here...  This could mean that St. Cloud State would be interested in selling the property.  St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis appeared on WJON today.  He explains if the state would be interested in gifting the property to the city of St. Cloud he's been interested in adding the land to their park system.

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Kleis calls the facility historic and cited the wall being a WPA project.  He says when someone asks for a zoning change the reason is often times to change the use or sell the property.  Kleis says the potential zoning change will go through a public process starting off with the planning commission.  Once the zoning recommendation goes through the planning commission it will ultimately be ruled upon by the city council.

Kleis explained that Selke Field used to have quonset huts on the site after World War II.  The location had been used as the site for St. Cloud State Football and softball for many years.  The fields were also used for intermural sports and rugby.

Selke Field (photo - Jay Caldwell)
Selke Field (photo - Jay Caldwell)

WJON listeners expressed interest in the facility remaining park land.  Kleis says if the state chose to gift the property to the city, kind of like the school district did with Clark Field, he'd be interested in adding it to their park system.  He says he loves the historic aspect of the property and it continuing to be green space. Kleis made it clear his opinion on the use was his opinion alone and not necessary that of the city council.  He says he does not have a vote on the city council's approval or disapproval of the potential rezoning of Selke Field.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis it is available below.



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