WAITE PARK -- Experience a world free of war, pain and choice this weekend as GREAT Theatre brings to life the story of The Giver.

Based off the popular novel by Lois Lowry the story is set in a Utopian society, however a 12-year-old boy soon learns the truth. Jonathon Becker plays the role of the boy Jonas. He says he was drawn to the live version after reading the book in school.

I have never read a book like that where it's a Utopian world where everything is perfect. Then you keep reading and realize it isn't perfect and I really like that.

The show is one of GREAT Theatre's smaller performances during the year, taking place inside the Helgeson Learning Lab Theatre. Director Kaarin Johnston says the show brings a more personal feel to the audience.

You can't hide things from the audience because they are only a few feet away so the acting has to be honest. The feedback you get from the audience is so much stronger because they are so close, so it's a very rewarding way to work.

Pete Pederson plays the role of The Giver, the societies keeper of memories. He says the show teaches us there is no such thing as perfection and to embrace who we are.

This show helps us learn to appreciate what we have and how to learn to take the highs with the lows and how to deal with all that.

GREAT Theatre's performance of The Giver kicks off Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Waite Park. Tickets for the show are $34 and seats are limited.