I caught a post last night on the Old St. Cloud Minnesota Facebook group that involved Elvira, who made a stop in St. Cloud back in the 90s, in an effort to promote her partnership with Cold Spring Brewing, which was at the time making her beer, Elvira's Night Brew.

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Elvira had long been known at that point in her career as a spokesperson for Coors, was dropped by Coors, and was sought out by the newly purchased Cold Spring Brewery for a dark beer, which was to be called Elvira's Night Brew.

In the book Central Minnesota Beer: A History by Jacob Laxen, a Cold Spring Brewery employee stated that the beer was comparable to a Surly Darkness.

The beer, like the visit to St. Cloud, was short-lived. According to BeerAdvocate.com "But the specialty beer market at the time was reaching a saturation point, and the brand was short-lived. Elvira's publicity campaign reached its nadir when she was barred from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver for her too-revealing costume."

Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Photo Op - Comic-Con 2011
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While the beer wasn't around for long, its legacy lives on through the internet and fans of both craft beer and Elvira.

A quick Google search of Elvira and Night Brew showed collectibles for sale through eBay, and pages upon pages of information about Elvira and her days as a spokesperson for Coors.

While the items themselves maybe aren't worth a ton of cash, it might be enough to buy a case or two of beer, her trip to St. Cloud and partnership with Cold Spring Brewery is a piece of history in the Granite City.

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