SAUK CENTRE - The Palmer House Hotel in Sauk Centre has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in Minnesota, which makes it a popular destination this time of the year.

Townsquare Media's Jim Maurice and Chad Taylor recently spent the night at the historic hotel to see if he could make contact with any beings from the other side.

The hotel was built as a first-class hotel in 1901, and was the first building in Sauk Centre to have electricity. Author Sinclair Lewis stayed at the hotel, and referred to it in his book "Mainstreet".

However, more-recently it's better known for it's paranormal history. Televisions turning on, rooms getting colder, balls bouncing in the hallways have all been reported by guests.

Owner Kelley Freese has embraced the unusual happenings at her hotel, and has befriended her special guests.

Shows like the "Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures" have filmed in the hotel.

Freese allowed myself - and a few other local folks - to go on a ghost hunt, and spend the night at the hotel.  So, what did we find? Coming-up tomorrow (Wednesday) we'll take you into the basement of the hotel and tell you what we saw.

You can see Part 1 of the video below!

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