FOLEY -- Foley high school seniors know how to handle their last day of school. “Tractor Day” could take up an entire park or more.

Yet Foley High School's graduating seniors manage to fit the festivities, with hayrides, water balloons and of course a lot of tractors and country music into Foley’s High School parking lot.

Foley High School Principal Shayne Kusler says tractor day is a tradition to celebrate the seniors, and the community of Foley.

"As long as I know and probably before that, I think it's fantastic, today we celebrate all kinds of things, it's the seniors last day so we try to say first it's their day and then it's tractor day, so throughout the day a lot of good things happen but to celebrate our community with all the agriculture we have is a great opportunity."

Kusler says his favorite tractor of the day is a big one, and comes with a story.

"Small story but it's a good one that fits our community, we had a late comer, and it's a big one who just pulled in and I said, don't know where we'll fit ya but we'll find out and he said 'well I wasn't sleeping I was milking".

The parking lot at the high school ended up as standing room only, with parents, siblings, and teachers all joining the seniors in celebrating their big day.

Richard Leguil, WJON
Richard Leguil, WJON

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