FOLEY - Immediately after Hurricane Irma tore through Florida a Foley man responded to pleas for help and sent truckloads of water. Now the Floridians who received that desperately needed shipment are saying thank you.

David Henshaw lives in Bradenton, Florida and is the Southeast Operations Manager for Distinctive Cabinet Design based in Foley. Henshaw says his boss, Joe Fradette, offered to help immediately.

It was the absolute top priority because of all the power outages, and the infrastructure damage.

Henshaw says the water was distributed through the Bayside Community Church in Bradenton. He says Fradette hasn't asked for any recognition.

I sent him the video that my pastor sent thanking him.  He didn't ask for a lot of thanks.  He just said he was glad to help.

And, as for how Florida is doing since Hurricane Irma, Henshaw says most of the state has power again. But, the clean-up continues.