MARTIN COUNTY, FL -- Three Minnesota men were arrested this week at a marina in Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office says 27-year old Robert Abts and 20-year old Nikolas Davey, both of Long Prairie, were arrested after climbing a locked fence and entering a private boatyard.

Authorities say the men claimed they entered the marina because they wanted to take pictures of yachts, and were caught on the boatyard's surveillance system.

The sheriff's office says a third man, 18-year old Spencer Sands, did not go into the boatyard but watched from a nearby bridge.

Abts and Davey face charges of criminal trespassing, while Sands is charged with drug possession.

The sheriff's office says this time of year they often see many incidents of stolen boats, boat motors, electronic equipment, and fishing gear and encourage all boat, marina, and storage facility owners to take theft prevention measures.

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