SAUK RAPIDS -- After starting their dream home months ago, the family of Deeq Mohamud and Nasra Omar got to see the finished product Thursday night.

The project was put together by Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity.

Over 17 local faith communities gave to the Build for Unity project, for a grand total of over $23,000. The Habitat 500 bike ride from Central Minnesota raised over $40,000 for the build as well. An anonymous donor also gave $25,000 to the project.

Deeq Mohamud says the feeling of seeing his family's finished house was incredible.

"Today is a, very great day. One of the greatest days over the past few months, meeting to meeting, gathering to gathering."

One of their seven children, their daughter Nimo thanked the community members involved in building their new home, happy to see it finally finished.

"I really appreciate what you made our house, it's really beautiful, and I love it."

Mohamud and Omar put each put in 200 hours of "sweat equity". They've also been to 15 hours of homeownership education classes, on subjects like mortgages, financial literacy, and home care.

The family officially buys and moves into the house in January. They're buying it at a zero-percent interest rate, with no downpayment. Their mortgage payments will be calculated based on their income.

Mohamud and Omar will both be the first ones in their families to own a home.

Mohamud works as a bilingual communication specialist in District 742. Omar is a child care provider at a Somali daycare in St. Cloud. Their new home is on North Benton Drive in Sauk Rapids past Highway 15. The house was designed by St. Cloud Technical and Community College student, Patrick Michael.

The finished house is 2,000 square feet and has six bedrooms and two bathrooms. If you'd like to apply for the same kind of build the Mohamud-Omar family did, head to Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity's website.

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