COLLEGEVILLE - A labor of love that began 15 years ago will finally come to an end this week when the final pages of the Saint John's Bible are unveiled.  Saint John's Abbey and University will unveil the final pages on Thursday at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

The bible is a work of art and will be part of an exhibit titled "The Saint John's Bible, Amen!". It will be available for public viewing Friday through November 13th.

The St. John's Bible was officially commissioned in 1998.  For artist Donald Jackson it's been a labor of love with all of the writing and all of the pictures done by hand, using goose quilled pens, calf skinned paper, and homemade inks.

It's the first time anyone has attempted to create a handwritten bible, since the printing press was created more than 500 years ago.

It's so rare and so valuable that only a limited edition replica was sent to the Vatican to be viewed by the Pope.

And, as monumental as the task has been, it's also monumental in size.  The bible stands two feet tall and three feet wide.  The nearly 1,100 pages are bound in seven volumes.

Check out this YouTube video of a Fox News story from last year:

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