COLLEGEVILLE - Saint John's Abbey and University have unveiled the final pages of the St. John's Bible.

During a ceremony today (Thursday) at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Abbot John Klassen says attempting to create the first hand-written bible in over 500 years was an opportunity they couldn't pass up.

Klassen estimates the project cost about $8 million. He calls the monumental work a Bible for the new millennium. Scribes working in Wales drew every letter and illustration by hand.

St. John's University President Father Bob Koopmann says he had a chance to go to England as see the work being done first-hand.

The entire 1,100 pages were written and drawn by hand.  There are nine major errors in the book, including one on the very first page and one on the very last page.  Officials say that's not bad given the enormity of the task.

In years to come the original pages of the Saint John's Bible will be bound, displayed, and used at Saint John's Abbey.

The 7th, and final, volume "Letters and Revelation" will be on display at the M-I-A through November 13th.  The New Mexico History Museum will also display some of the original pages this fall. There are also 299 reproductions called the Heritage Edition, which are on display at more than 40 universities, museums, libraries and churches, including the Vatican.

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