MOORHEAD - The investigation into the murder of Tom Bearson continues, one year after he was killed. This Sunday will mark the one-year anniversary of when he went missing in Fargo. His body was found three days later in Moorhead. The Ramsey County medical examiner's office said the 18-year-old student from Sartell died as the "result of homicidal violence." No details were released.

Moorhead Police Lieutenant Tory Jacobson says about six weeks ago several investigators involved in the case went to the FBI training center in West Virginia.

To meet with an FBI behavioral analysis unit. This is just one example of very recent activity we continue to do, to do everything we can to find the answers we're so desperately looking for.

Jacobson says they still haven't recovered Bearson's shoe and cellphone. Moorhead police say the investigation "still very much active and open".

This case will continue to be given its serious attention until a point where we've determined who is responsible. And, with the amount of information we have and with all of the perspectives that have come into play, we know that there is a net of information that ultimately once the light starts shining on who is responsible it's going to be very bright.

Jacobson says his department continues to work with Fargo police, NDSU police, the Minnesota BCA, and the local FBI.

Bearson was a freshman at North Dakota State University. He graduated from Sartell-St. Stephen high school in May of 2014.

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