SARTELL -- Several comments on social media has the Bearson family speaking up.

A number of comments have been made on Facebook stating there are people refusing to work with the police that may provide some answers to Tom Bearson's death.

The Bearson family released this statement today (Wednesday) saying:

We encourage those people who were last seen with our beloved son Tom, to cooperate with law enforcement and take a polygraph test. It is hard for us to imagine how anyone claiming to be our son's friend, would not be willing to do everything necessary to exonerate themselves from any involvement in his death by answering some simple questions and allow law enforcement to move forward and focus on other information. It's time for everyone to cooperate with law enforcement to the fullest, and help bring justice to our son, the community of Sartell, and the Bearson family.

The comment on social media was first made by Tom Bearson's girlfriend yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

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