6th District Congressman Tom Emmer joined me on WJON Today.  He introduced a bill aimed at ensuring same day physical and mental health for veterans at all V.A. Health systems throughout the country.  Emmer acknowledges that the V.A. system throughout the country had received numerous complaints for long wait times.  He says Minnesota V.A.'s including St. Cloud's have had far less complaints.  Emmer did say he received concerns from his constituents which prompted his involvement in this bill.


The U.S. Capitol in Washington continues to see increased security since the Capitol building was breached on January 6th.  Emmer says the amount of security is costly and unnecessary.  He says no one should condone the violence that took place January 6th when the Capitol was breached but he doesn't believe the level of security currently in place should be.

The minimum wage moving to $15 an hour has been discussed on the national level and supported largely by more Democrats than Republicans.  Emmer says he doesn't want to get involved in this debate.  He says businesses know what to play employees to keep them.

Congressman Emmer joins me monthly the first Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m. on WJON.

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