ST. MARTIN -- Fire damaged a Stearns County home Monday and left the homeowner requiring temporary housing.

The sheriff's office received a 911 call about a possible fire in a garage attic in St. Martin.

The homeowner, Beth Schlangen, had been having electrical issues earlier and had a circuit breaker replaced to correct the issue.

Authorities say Schlangen called the electrician when she noticed there was no power in the garage and some circuit breakers had been tripped. The electrician opened the garage attic access and found smoke in the attic.

The home was evacuated and 911 was called.

St. Martin Fire & Rescue responded and found the source of the fire. Firefighters opened the attic and kitchen to remove smoldering insulation and extinguish the fire.

Fire and smoke damage is limited to the garage and kitchen area, but the home is considered temporarily unlivable.

No one was hurt.

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