FOLEY (WJON News) -- Benton County voters will be choosing a new auditor/treasurer when they head to the polls on November 8th.

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Current Auditor/Treasurer Nadean Inman is not running for reelection following a lawsuit alleging she did not live in the county during a portion of her term.

St. George Township board member Christine Scherbing and Benton County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Gitch are in the running for the office.

Scherbing is a mother of four and a small business owner. She has worked closely with the elections in past years and is the clerk for the town board...

I have experience on both sides, the elections, and the finance so I think that helps. There's always room to grow for anybody. I think I'm a positive person, I love working with people and I just love government.

Scherbing says that experience comes from serving on the St. George Township Board...

My time on the township board for over 10 years...they work a lot with the auditor/treasurer's office. So, I just think my time doing elections for 10 years and working in the auditor/treasurer's office during the 2020 election so I think all of that, plus the finance part of being the clerk for the township.

Gitch is an Air Force veteran who worked in financial management while he was enlisted. He says residents of Benton County deserve someone who can bring integrity back to the office...

One of the Air Force's core values is integrity first. That to me means doing the right thing when no one is looking. That's something I've practiced as a law enforcement officer. I practiced it in my work in the military. I think it is essential that people have someone in that role that has demonstrated integrity.

It is that military experience that Gitch feels would make him right for the office...

When I started looking into the duties of what the auditor/treasurer does besides overseeing elections and the financials flowing through the office, I started realizing there was a lot of overlap with my previous military duties.

The auditor/treasurer handles the county's finances, computes and collects property taxes, and oversees elections among other duties.


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