ST. CLOUD - Homeowners with out-of-shape driveways, beware - this is the time of year when con artists might be knocking on your door to offer cheap, immediate repairs.

Afterward, the customer is stuck with an outrageous bill, a demand for immediate payment, and no contact information for the "company" that performed the work.

The Better Business Bureau has received a lot of reports from scammed Minnesotans already this summer, claiming they were promised a discounted rate for the work done, but instead were charged double, even triple the estimated amount.

One of these people is St. Cloud resident Shelby Heitzman. Heitzman says a group of workers promised to fix her driveway at or below $800. When they were finished, she was stunned to learn they wanted much more - over $4,000 - for a job that didn't seem very well done.

Heitzman says the workers cashed her check the same day and refused to leave her any contact information.

The BBB says many times, these scams are directed at elderly people. They remind you - if a crew offers you cheap, quick repairs and doesn't give you an exact estimate in writing for the cost of the work, tell them you're not interested.