Rent. Return. Repeat.  Sounds simple enough. Sounds kind of fun.  New clothes shipped to your door every week, bi weekly, or monthly? New shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and accessories? I always say other people can dress me better than I would dress myself.

Shopping for clothing for myself is definitely NOT my forte. I need a personal shopper, or maybe.. I need an online site like Gwynnie Bee?

I've asked some of my Facebook friends if they've ever utilized a service like this. If you've considered using one, here were the comments I received from my friends:

  • Wendy:  "I used Gwinnie Bee for a while- it's great- I worked at a place with a mailroom so sent the packages in and out from work. When they arrived I could immediately try on the clothes and send back whatever wouldn't work right away- you can make more of your subscription that way! I was losing weight so it was more expensive to keep buying and it actually encouraged me to order styles I wouldn't have tried on. I really expanded my wardrobe choices! I got all dresses because I felt like it was more bang for the buck."
  • Melysa:  "I just got my first tote. Not impressed.The styles mostly seemed much better looking online than in person."
  • Britanny: " I haven't use these but I use Stitch Fix! I have had 4 or 5 shipments and only sent back 1. Now that I'm pregnant again they have a maternity line as well! Love it!"

I know that Gwynnie Bee is having a 30 day trial period for anyone that wants to check it out. I'd like to do a follow up story, and share our listeners experiences.

Let us know your experience by sending photos and thoughts to

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