ST. CLOUD -- Plans and developments continues to progress for the proposed St. Cloud’s Riverwalk.

The city has been actively working over the past two years on developing site plans, cost estimates and amenities to help highlight the Mississippi River along 5th Avenue North.

Marilyn Birkland is with the St. Cloud Rotary Club. She says a plan is in place and now they can focus on narrowing a timeline.

"The master vision is developed at this point and so it's now taking it to those next steps of putting together a timeline and funding options," says Birkland.

The Riverwalk would connect the Beaver Island Trail and the future extension of the Lake Wobegon Trail at Hester Park.

Back in March, the city took public input on the project designs. Dave Laliberte is with the Mississippi River Partners. He says the proposed designs call for several attractive features.

"The new design features a dual island concept, an amphitheater built into the hillside, potential for redevelopment of the buildings that could highlight the river further and allow Cathedral High School to use for their academic programming," says Laliberte.

St. Cloud Planning and Community Development Director Matt Glaseman says they expect the project to come in around $7-million.

"We think the number will be close to $7-million to complete the grand vision. If that's the case we will need folks like the rotary that helped us to accomplish what Lake George has become. That was a similar financial number," says Glaseman.

The project is expected to be completed in stages over the next ten years with hopes to begin phase one construction in 2019.