Candy Corn.  It feels like people either love it or hate. I'm in the 'love it' category.  I make cookies every Halloween that feature candy corn...and not just because it looks festive.  It actually tastes my opinion.

However, like I said, I know it's a love-hate relationship.  Well, now there is something new that features candy corn, and it definitely sounds odd.  But I could see it tasting delicious since it would add that sweet flavor.


Candy Corn Brats are now available at Anoka Meat and Sausage!  Will you try them?  I've got to figure that your party would be the talk of the town if you served them.  You really CAN'T have a Halloween party without them now, right?

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Their Facebook post explains:
Candy Corn Brats!  We made up something special for the upcoming Halloween season.  Available as soon as tomorrow, stop by and pick up this delicious new flavor!
It’s a sweet & salty treat perfect for fall.

Most of the comments are from people excited to try them or people that already have and liked them.  Now if this whole Fall Season of flavors is your jam, you may want to try this other flavor of Brats I discovered on their Instagram feed.


There is also a meat market in Wisconsin that has sold the candy corn brats for a couple years now and they say that they sell about twice as fast as their traditional Brats.  Jenifer St. Market in Madison, WI bills theirs as 'slightly sweet and not scary at all'.

So go ahead, try them today.

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