ST. PAUL -- A COVID-19 Workers' Comp bill is moving forward at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Representative Dan Wolgamott of St. Cloud is the chief author of the bill in the House. He says the bill makes sure workers on the front lines of the coronavirus battle are covered if they contract the virus.

These people are being asked to dip into their own personal benefits, having to use their earned PTO and earned leave.

Wolgamott says workers comp benefits from city to city right now.

A firefighter, a police officer, a nurse, a corrections officer, a home healthcare worker, these people are on the frontlines of protecting Minnesotans during this crisis.

Last week St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson said he has talked with city leaders and he believes St. Cloud employees' workers' compensation is already covered.

Tuesday the House will reconvene at noon and the Senate will reconvene at 2:00 p.m. to vote on the bill.

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