CLEARWATER -- Park benches and plenty of targets, Clearwater's first archery park is set to open this week.

The archery park is in the rest area along County Road 75 in Clearwater. City Administrator Kevin Kress says the park's targets are set up for all skill levels.

"The new park that we just put together has 15 targets, there's two different kinds, they are all at varying distances throughout the park, many of them are easily accessible at the top of the park and as you venture down toward the Clearwater River there's a few more at that location as well."

The project has been a joint collaboration between Wright County and Clearwater. The park has been in the works since November last year. Kress says the park was originally set to open in May but mother nature had other plans.

"We had multiple projects going on at the time, the county got held back with some storm damage. They were building the target stations and the stands that the targets actually sit on were put on the back burner for a little bit while we were dealing with storm damage and other projects."

Kress says the city should be done putting the final touches on the park by the end of the day Wednesday.

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