CLEARWATER -- A city that takes pride in its parks and trails, Clearwater is looking for more volunteers to join their parks board.

City council member, Andrea Lawrence says last year they had five people on the commission and they'd like to get back to that number.

"Right now the parks commission consists of one volunteer, Vern Scott and two elected city council members. We would like to see more volunteers from the community, that aren't directly involved on the council."

Depending on the work load, the commission meets once or twice a month. As for requirements, you don't have to live in Clearwater, you just need to bring a fresh and positive attitude to the team.

"It's a fun way to volunteer because you can see your improvements and what you can do fairly quickly."

Every year the parks commission is responsible for assessing parks. Lawrence says this includes evaluating the playground equipment, paths, landscaping, benches, picnic areas, pavilions and any other park amenities. Last year the board made major upgrades to El Dorado Park.

"One of the big ones that we did work on, on the parks commission last year was this [El Dorado] park and this upgrade to this play structure. There was literally a rainbow play set with like two swings before this."

The board also has development plans in the works for improvements to Sportsman's Park and Lion's Park. The city is also about to open their Archery Park.

If you are interested in joining the Clearwater Parks Commission, visit the Clearwater City Hall or email City Administrator, Kevin Kress.

El Dorado Park Clearwater (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)
El Dorado Park Clearwater (Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)


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