For those of you looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, or grab a cold one after the work day ends, or on your way to or from the cabin, The 10 Spot in Royalton has been a popular stop for both locals and those 'just passing through'. It appears that the institution along Highway 10 has made an upgrade! Check it out!

Image Credit: 10 Spot Bar & Lounge via Facebook
Image Credit: 10 Spot Bar & Lounge via Facebook

Another project completed! Thank you Tyler and Tegan Struffert from "R Royal floors", AL Stumpf and Matt & Mike Wenner for all your hard work this weekend to make this happen! Great job guys, this place looks AMAZING!

The bar and lounge announced the improvements last week on social media. From the pictures shared it looks like the flooring around and behind the bar was replaced as was the top footrest area when you sit at the bar.

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None of the pictures revealed any other changes that may have taken place with The 10 Spot, but I guess that's why we go in, sit down, and enjoy our time at a place like this.

For those unfamiliar with the area, or are curious if the bar and lounge is worth the stop, the online reviews can offer some guidance.

On Tripadvisor The 10 Spot Bar and Lounge has had six 5-star reviews, many naming the burgers and food as one of the reasons to stop along Highway 10 in Royalton. also features many 5-star reviews of the bar and lounge.

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