ROYALTON -- A ceremony was held at a park in Royalton to open a new splash pad ship in honor of a two-year-old boy who died in June.

Levi Popp

Levi Popp died after falling into a swimming pool in Sartell on June 8th -- one day before his third birthday.

"We wanted to do a memorial in honor of him -- a park bench or something," says Ashley Popp, Levi's mother. "And my dad found this pirate ship and said 'this is the best thing, we can do this'."

"Every day [Levi] had a sword, every day we'd play pirates and he loved it, so this idea was perfect in honoring him."

Dozens of people came out to the ceremony where Popp and her husband, Lee, officially opened pirate ship-style jungle gym named the "Ahoy Matey".

After the ceremony, the several children present were quick to enjoy the ship's slides, swings and other amenities.

"I think it's perfect, it turned out exactly how we wanted it," Popp says. "Just to see the kids run and play, it warms our hearts to see all these kids love it."

The Ahoy Matey is found at the splash park located at 1014 Plattewood Drive in Royalton.

Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON