ST. CLOUD -- CentraCare continues to make changes to protect both employees and patients.

Effective immediately, all CentraCare and Carris Health facilities, both patient and non-patient buildings, will be implementing universal masking for all employees. Universal masking means all employees must wear a facemask for the entire time they are at work.

Patients who show signs and symptoms of a respiratory illness will be given a mask as they enter any CentraCare facility. All other patients are encouraged to wear a mask from home.

Dr. George Morris says they are encouraging everyone to wear a homemade face mask while out in the community.

Wearing a mask is one way you can protect others. Even if you feel healthy, a mask can prevent the spread of the virus, because many times people with coronavirus might not have symptoms. Someone wearing a mask can send the message, 'I'm protecting you.'

For information on how to wear a cloth facemask and how to make a homemade mask, visit the CDC's website.

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