ST. CLOUD -- Brothers Bar and Grill in downtown St. Cloud is closed. One of the co-owners of the building Doug Boser of Inventure Properties says they decided to end the lease with the Brothers franchise to make way for a new restaurant.

He says they will be able to announce the name of that new business in the next couple of weeks. The space will undergo a major remodel.

It's a historic space, so we want to be cautious about keeping the vibrancy and the flavor of what that building is.  But we want to create a new customer experience. The team that's coming in is from the Twin Cities. They are going to be amping up what the food scene looks like in St. Cloud.

Boser says they're hoping to have the remodel done -- and the new restaurant open and ready for business -- by August 1st.

We're scheduled right now for an August 1st opening.  We're trying to coincide that with a couple other things.  Ultimately with Homecoming, we really want to be sure that we're open and ready when the students come back.

Brothers Bar and Grill opened on 5th Avenue in downtown St. Cloud in early 2012.


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