ST. CLOUD -- Bigfoot the musical comedy takes center stage at St. Cloud's historic Paramount Theatre tonight.

This is the third play in the series written by Gene Jurek. The same characters from Deer Camp and Holy Bells are back but this time chasing an eight foot tall bigfoot.

Moose, one of the main characters sees a sasquatch while he and his three friends are staying at a cabin in their small town of Elmwood, but the others don't believe him.

There is song, dance, comedy and beer which is in full supply. Jurek says the characters drink a lot of beer, "they're opening beer constantly and drinking about a case per show."

The five-hundred pound sasquatch comes to life on stage and causes a ruckus during the "guy's weekend."

Jurek says it's okay if you haven't seen the first two comedies in the series, you get to know the characters pretty fast. He says he's had people tell him how much they can relate to the characters.

The play is open tonight through April 7th. Contact the box office for ticket information.

See a preview of the musical comedy below.